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  • The 7 best days for mods

    Jun. 17, 2020

    7 Days to Die was first released on Steam's Early Access show in the closing days of the zombie gaming boom in 2013 and when survival games peaked. Many years later, it is one of the few zombie survival mashups still popular. PC gamers have kept the game updated with new content and optimizations in the form of 7 Days to Die Mods.


    Innovative new 7-day-to-die modifications continue to flow rapidly and densely from the community and show no signs of slowing down. 7 Days to Die intertwine by playing, exploring, building, surviving, and fighting against either other players or hordes of zombies.



    What are the 7 best days to die from modifications? Here are all the modifications to check, from texture enhancements to new workstations.





    HDHQ Review


    The Walking Dead mod

    Food and water bars.



    This Sirillion 7 Days to Die mod is the one you'll definitely want, as it changes the appearance of the HUD to create thicker, dirtier, and muddy surfaces for those who want a slightly more intense experience.



    Another cosmetic enhancement, this 7 Days to Die graphic mod, checks textures and surroundings, improves terrain clarity and lighting, and makes weather changes more drastic.



    Use this mod to turn 7 Days to Die into one of the best farming games for PC. If you want to survive, you need a full stomach, and sometimes canned food is not enough. This 7-day-to-die mod expands the basic game's farming and feeding mechanics, so now you can raise livestock and cook some home-made comforts ranging from fine meat to pancakes.




    While this mod doesn't add Rick Grimes or other favorites from the series, it does rework zombies to behave more like the Walker television series.





    This handy 7-day-to-die mod adds a sample of food and health, as well as the player's current temperature and level. It's much easier to track your player's status and rearrange the stat bars, expanding the XP bar in the HUD for added value.


    So there you have it, the best 7 Days to Die mods you can try. Although 7 Days to Die doesn't seem to launch from early access, you can still see other Apocalypse games that you may be playing on PC.


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